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Unless informed otherwise, we assume that din 18065 those regulations laid down in DIN are applicable. Strength and safety — these are the characteristics that the economic and flexible GI-RO spiral staircases feature.

At GI-RO, security always comes first: With this flexible solution, the landings din 18065 steps are firstly slit over the central column using tubular sleeves. As an architectural eye-catcher, they connect floors reliably, while meeting the highest quality requirements – for private and din 18065 applications.

Our spiral staircase system type ECO is especially suitable for single or dual-floor staircases din 18065 the industrial as well as the private sector. Finally, the steps are mounted together with the balustrade elements and the handrail.

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Step measurement The rule to calculate the step measurement as defined per quality standard: We din 18065 landings in preferred or customized dimensions. Din 18065 The smart construction of the 1865 system ensures safe installation. The following graphics show the usual divisions 18056 help you plan different diameters: Once you have decided on one of our staircases, it is necessary to determine the details.

The total weight of the transport box and the staircase varies between and kg, depending on height and diameter.

Afterwards, they are din 18065 above the balustrade using midrails or the vertical balusters. Please click to enlarge.

Standard: DIN 18065

With spiral staircases turning clockwise, the central column is din 18065 to the right of the steps and vice versa with spiral staircases turning anti-clockwise. Handrail made of din 18065 single circular tube, one baluster per step with a special profile 30 x 30 x 2 welded on round steel.

Offering diameters ofand mm, our modular system is very attractive for an overall staircase height under mm and a rectangular, standardized exit plinth. Designed for a load of 3.

During the installation, the central pole is attached to the plinth din 18065 to the building. Diameter, pitch and the number of steps.

The rule to calculate the step measurement as defined per quality din 18065 This spiral staircase does not only stand out due to its superior quality, but it also offers the possibility to install a protective cage against unauthorized access.

Construction With this flexible solution, the landings and steps are din 18065 slit din 18065 the central column using tubular sleeves. In order to help you take into account all the mandatory requirements in the planning process, we have compiled the main information of DIN German standard for stairs, balustrades and handrails and extracts of the German Landesbauordnung state construction ordinance and the German accident prevention regulation in one document for quick reference.

Construction Designed for a load of 3. Please bear in mind: For an overall height under 12m, mm are required — an overall height din 18065 12m requires m.


In this context, every staircase is customized in regards to pitch and helical winding. This way, the position of the first step entry din 18065 the last step landing can be determined. Flexible solution — 6 types din 18065 treads — 6 types of handrails – variable design height — din 18065 diameter – suitable for multi-floor buildings. Technical Spec Attractive din 18065 Modular system with standardized landings Central column segmented into din 18065 elements Max height: The detailed planning, including static calculations for pillars and attachments, is carried out after selecting the staircase and the landing.

The height of the balustrades varies according to regulations. One of our many strengths are flexible solutions. Due to the fact that the treads and landings are mounted on the central column, the central column can be reliably attached to the plinth, another platform or the building itself.

The respective treads and the balustrade with the handrail are mounted in the second step. The smart construction of the staircase system ensures safe installation.