Tensions basse-fréquence: caractères inclinés, ex. Voltmetre électronique d’au moins 1 M2 d’impédance d’entrée. + 12v]. Markings on Tantalum Electrolytic. Revox Service Manuals and Owners Manuals Free, page 1| For looking for information about your vintage stereo equipment Revox. REVOX. REVox. 1 ( The well-known reliability of the. Revox A77 is a result of a professional . (a push for Manual button dis- ables the auto start.

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It is therefore, necessary that the original sound event provides an exceptionally wide dynamic range signal to noise ratio of at revox a77 manual 65 to 70 dB. The transport lacks advanced logic so one does need to exercise a bit of patience with the controls or risk spilling tape.

Back to the A77 Dolby page. Thx, for the manual and service manual if you whant see www. Revox never made this combination I am Ali Shah, Revox a77 manual

Operating Instructions for the REVOX A77 equipped with DOLBY B System

Switch the recorder revox a77 manual by selecting tape speed and reel size. On or about page 67, there are 2 resistor values that a scribbled over: To identify a A77 Dolby is very easy because fevox 4 remarkable points:.

The use of a die-cast motor revox a77 manual and head support ensures that a high degree of mechanical precision and long term stability are maintained, even under excessively heavy use. Submitted by roxyroller on July 13th, Start machine in the record revox a77 manual.

Submitted by Hoeben on December 23rd, Hope that helps, M. Submitted by Putyur on April 28th, The following instructions are with reference to the additional operations required when utilizing the DOLBY noise reduction system.

Ciao from Italy Alessio.

Revox A77 Service Manual

Revox a77 manual Effects All special effects such as echo, multiplay etc. I know it’s a little late to reply to your message of revox a77 manual April. On or about page 67, there are 2 resistor values that a scribbled over:.

Having fired it up recently, the capstan motor runs very slowly, so I’m guessing there’s a dried-up electrolytic cap on the motor control board or some such.

A 3 revox a77 manual transport mechanism with electronically regulated capstan motor and solenoid operated servo brakes possesses few parts which are subject to mechanical wear. Great recording and playback.

Submitted by Hallicrafters on March 21st, I have this deck for almost 10 yrs, never failed revox a77 manual. Grazie per i manuali messi a disposizione. I fix audio stuff revx tape decks.

Don’t know if I can fix it or not but with the manual I have a chance. Main problem is all function keys can not lock in. I then run out of pot before the level on my console level a777 to drop. What a fantastic resource! Submitted by citeras on December 9th, On a revod photo of card 1.

Submitted by WMAlbers on March 28th, If necessary, revox a77 manual by performing revox a77 manual steps as outlined under section 3. You made my day.

Submitted by vehc on October 13th, Think the fault is in the left pre-amp board, very weak signal? Since I’m from Germany, sorry, no, but I know some very good guys in North Germany, if you don’t mind shipping the A77 to them. I also found a shorted electrolytic on the oscillator board. Good solid Reel Deck. Weighted as per ASA A: I’ve biased for SM on some A77s with that revox a77 manual.

Reviewed Mar 27th, by ctcapone. So good that someone gives their time for no reward to provide information for revox a77 manual buying old equipment. In that case they protect the recording from possible interference sounds which may occur with the bias frequency.