The Devil to Pay in the Backlands has ratings and reviews. Francis said: Clásico universal de origen brasileño. De limitada edición, no es un l. Grande Sertão: Veredas (Portuguese for “Great Backlands: Tracks”; English translation: The Devil to Pay in the Backlands) is a novel published in by the. Devil to Pay in the Backlands. uploaded by. uploader avatar CurzioMalaparte · Berlin Alexanderplatz – Alfred Doblin. uploaded by. uploader avatar Marcelo Rota .

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Riobaldo loves to be in love, but the first time he falls in love it is with a nameless boy — later, we learn that this boy was Diadorim — whom he spies across the way at market. La figura del jagunco antico soldato del fazendeiro ha analogie con quella del gaucho e del pistolero: A single word from him hhe the devil to pay in the backlands the fate of an innocent young woman.

As a result, the victorious army splits in two, Riobaldo staying with the current leader, Medeiro Vaz. Let him frown or look sad, and I would lose my peace of mind. A Cycle of Stories”Widely admired among the ‘happy few’, it was totally rejected by others who found it too ‘difficult’.

View all 29 comments. Still a child, he moved to his grandparents’ house in Belo Horizonte, where he finished primary school. Lists with This Book. The devil to pay in the backlands has wild, memorable mentors such as Ze Bebelo and vicious enemies like Hermogenes.

The Devil to Pay in the Backlands by João Guimarães Rosa | LibraryThing

The individual has seemingly unlimited capacity to change, to reform his ways, from one station in life to another. Lists with This Book. In Grande Sertai, the the devil to pay in the backlands narrative unfolds in a single endless monologue by the protagonist, Riobaldo, evoking in minutest detail various pivotal episodes of his youth.

Due to his excellent aim, Riobaldo becomes a valued member of the band and begins to rise in stature. I would suggest the reader not to focus on the sexist issues that will disgust some. Somehow these questions are very important to R and his understanding of his life. Are devil and God then mere labels for acts of men?

View all 10 comments. Can anyone recommend the best translation in English? I wouldn’t have discovered this book without my brother, who mentioned it to me in late At the same time, their romantic love for each other is unparalleled.

The devil to pay in the backlands spara per uccidere, spesso per il solo gusto di farlo. Passos show 10 more. A different kind of friendiship, much deeper.

A Dark Dream of Life: The Devil to Pay in the Backlands by João Guimarães Rosa

Those fellows there were really a gang of kind friends who helped each other at tthe turn, and who did not balk at sacrifices to that end. The tortures they endured would cause vomiting, the agony enough to drive you mad. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 5 27, 4. They are merely my humble opinion on determined parts of the book.

And so English translation is no longer in publication. I am ih that Diadorim could tell when I was thinking about Otacilia-he divined it and suffered. The original title refers to th Deil reminiscences of bandit warfare in the sertao, the still primitive Brazilian back country, told by a wise, retired outlaw chief.

It’s long-winded and uses Portuguese names and name places in a way which makes the entire book challenging to read.

The Devil to Pay in the Backlands Summary –

It’s the story of his actions, emotions about his actions, his loves, confusions, really, I guess his inner feelings about everything in life. Views Read Edit View history. He acts, all right—but almost wholly through the medium of persons, good and bad.

Because learning-to-live is living itself. Ostico, ammantato di un fascino disdegnante.

Sometimes Riobaldo will ask his listener a yes-or-no question which he seems to teh with a nod or a shake of head. Definitely the best of the twenty books I’ve read so far this year, it compares to such western epics as The Three Musketeers or Les Miserables, but with a completely different style. The horses cry out against the slaughter and are left suffering on the ground as their masters—who cannot leave the house because they will themselves be shot—can only listen. Erica rated it it was ok Oct 08, Does Devil shows up in the story?

The pages get the devil to pay in the backlands and better throughout, like a gathering whirlwind. Hell is a limitless thing which cannot even be seen.

Nathalia rated th it was ok Mar 23, A big part of greatness of the original work the devil to pay in the backlands — the lyrical prose, the usage of culturally loaded words, backlans like that which is lost in translation. What compels a man to transform himself from good to bad and the other way round?